Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Prayer to St. Catherine Leboure

Prayer To St. Catherine Labouré

O Saint Catherine Labouré, who by your filial confidence in the Blessed Virgin,
merited the privilege of contemplating and conversing with her while on this earth,
obtain for us a faith like yours in her maternal love.
Grant that we may understand and appreciate the valueof prudent silence and of humility,
and obtain for us the grace to show forth these virtues in our lives.
Teach us to accomplish faithfully the duties of our state in order that we may merit the happiness of contemplating with you our Immaculate Mother for all eternity.


  1. Emmy:)
    this is a great prayer...
    AMEN & AMEN!

    I would love oneday to go and see this remarkable Saints incorrupt body at the Rue de Bac!
    She is a true inspiration, thankyou Emmy beautiful post:).

    Peace of Christ to ALL

  2. I knew you would love this one...

    God bless


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