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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Prayer for a Mother who has died

Dear Lord, relying on your promises to us, I turn to you in trust that my mother is with you and that she is enjoying your loving embrace. You alone know how she loved the best she could and how she faithfully endured the struggles that she faced. You know the graces you gave her and you know the grace she was for me and for so many. For all the ways she truly loved the way you loved her, please reward her, Lord. May she enjoy the communion of all her family and friends who are with you.

Lord, I know my mother still loves us who are still here on earth. I ask you that you might listen to her fervent prayers for us. Help me to grow into a new and deeper relationship with my mother now, as I long for the day when we will both meet in your embrace - freed from all that might have hindered our relationship on earth, knowing and understanding everything we did not know or understand on this earth.



  1. Lynn Gilligan6/26/2013 9:13 PM

    Very Beautiful! I am very Sorry for your Loss & Pray you Don't mind me using this Prayer for my Mother, who Passed Away June 16th, Father`s Day. We are having a Service to Celebrate Her Life on Sunday.
    Thank you Very much &
    May GOD BLESS. ~ you...

  2. I was 7 & my brother was 5 when my mom died. She died of breast cancer. I had to live my whole life without her.she died on a sunday ,her 45th birthday. she died at 5 am.Lord I miss her so much I'm mad,mad at god ,mad at me ,just mad.

  3. Orlando Ridley1/09/2014 5:34 AM

    @natasha.. im sorry. im sorry for ur loss everytime u feel it. and for the anger u have. death is tough, tough at any age. i pray that u learn to cope with the devastation u went thru.



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