Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Grandmother's Prayer

Dearest Saint Anne, grandmother of Christ, I wish to pray to you for my grandchildren. I know how much you loved your grandchild Jesus. You also know how much my own grandchildren's physical and spiritual well-being means to me.

Keep them in good health, or--should they be sick or crippled--bring them back to an early and full recovery. May I remind you, dearest Saint Anne, of the special fondness that filled Christ's heart for all the children he met while on earth, and of the many cures and other blessings he showered upon them.

By your own Grandson's amazing tenderness for all children, I beg you, Saint Anne, to ask God to keep my grandchildren in his loving care. May he shield them from all evil, either natural or spiritual. Sow into their hearts the seeds of the Christian habits of self-control and of self-dedication to the good and happiness of others. Plant deep in them the basic virtues of faith, hope and true love for their Lord and neighbor.

Peace of Christ to ALL


  1. Ms. C. Wimbs4/25/2010 12:12 PM

    I was very happy oveseas althouggh there were interesting I really needed avoid. But
    I left to see my grandmother. She was in her 90's. My mother brought her up. She was
    from the South,where people have to really apply themselves.I wanted to record for 6
    hours, She asked why did I want know. I replied I wanted to know the real thing. I could
    only handle 3 hours. I think now for a lot reasons people are more concerrned about
    seniors. She is not alive now. But I have her tape and search for her pictures. We have
    forgotten how important the Church was in those days in order to have a complete life
    She was her church's treasurer and something with the women's missionary.

  2. I am making a prayer book for my mom and this prayer works perfectly!! Thank you!


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