Thursday, March 23, 2006

Traveler's Prayer

May it be Your will, Lord, My God and God of my ancestors,

to lead me, to direct my steps, and to support me in peace.

Lead me in life, tranquil and serene, until I arrive at where I am going.

Deliver me from every enemy, ambush and hurt that I might encounter

on the way and from all afflictions that visit and trouble the world.

Bless the work of my hands. Let me receive divine grace and those loving acts
of kindness and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all those I encounter.

Listen to the voice of my appeal,

for you are a God who responds to prayerful supplication.

Praised are you, Lord, who responds to prayer.

May our Lord protect all those who are travelling to far off lands or closer to home. May their Guardian Angels remain attentive and alert to any dangers and protect our friends and loved one's to return home to us, safely.

Peace of Christ to ALL

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