Monday, August 01, 2005

Novena to Saint Jude

Novena* to Saint Jude

Come to my aid, O God.
O Lord, make haste to help me.
Almighty God, Father of mercies
and giver of all good gifts,
I come before you to honor you in your
saints, and ask their help in my many needs.
You promised that those who ask, would receive,
those who seek, would find, those who knock, would
have doors opened to them.
Hear the prayers of your church, grant my requests,
and pardon my sins.

Good St. Jude, chose by Jesus as a messenger of His kingdom,
and bearer of God's power,
I entrust myself to your care
and place in your hands this request of mine (make your request)
You are a witness that nothing is impossible with God and
that all will be well by God's grace.
Pray that I may have a simple faith
and strong hope to believe and trust in God,
my Master, who makes all things possible and
brings all things to good.

Day 1
Lord Jesus Christ,
you promised that mountains would move for someone with faith
the size of a mustard seed. Plant the seed of faith in my
heart and help me believe in the power of your promises.

Day 2
Lord Jesus Christ,
You taught that God who cares for the lilies of the field
and the birds of the air, also cares for those of little faith.
Lord, come and care for me.

Day 3
Lord Jesus Christ,
In the storm at sea you told you disciples not to fear
but to believe in your power to calm the winds and the sea.
Speak to my troubled spirit, and calm my fears.

Day 4
Lord Jesus Christ,
no one comes to you, even those desperate and poor,
whom you do not welcome and refresh,
I come tired and burdened, make my spirit light.

Day 5
Lord Jesus Christ,
you listen to our prayers, and grant what we ask.
Hear my prayers and listen to my voice,
for I am in need.

Day 6
Lord Jesus Christ,
in the Garden of Gethsemane you prayed in fear and sorrow.
Turn to me when I am afraid, and give me strength to bear
my cross.

Day 7
Lord Jesus Christ,
when you died on the cross, all seemed lost and gone,
yet you came to life again.
When all seems lost for me, bring me life again,
O Lord.

Day 8
Lord Jesus Christ,
you rose from the dead and brought life to all creation.
I hope in your promise of life.
Bring me the joy of your resurrection.

Day 9
Lord Jesus Christ,
you prepare a place for us in your heavenly kingdom.
Grant me a place at your side and bring us all safely home.

To conclude this novena, say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be.
*NOVENA. Nine days of public or private prayer for some special occasion or intention. Its origin goes back to the nine days that the Disciples and Mary spent together in prayer between Ascension and Pentecost Sunday. Over the centuries many novenas have been highly indulgenced by the Church. In modern times the one before Pentecost was prescribed for parochial churches, (Etym. Latin novem, nine.) (From The Pocket Catholic Dictionary, by Father John A. Hardon, S.J., page 287)


  1. My mum's favorite saint.
    ty Steve i thought about my mum in a special way today.
    Saint Jude the patron saint of hopeless causes.
    God only knows there are plenty of those.
    Heaven knows its not the way it should be.
    beautiful prayer and positve intention
    thanx for sharing.
    peace &luv jinxie

  2. Jinxie, Saint Jude is my Patron Saint. When I became unemployed two or three years ago, I prayed this very novena. I didn't get just one job, either. I got TWO! So, when I came into the Church a year ago this past Easter, there was NO doubt who my patron saint was going to be...Saint Jude!

    Thank you Saint Jude for your help in my trouble, and for helping to lead me home to the Catholic Church. Amen


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