Friday, August 12, 2005

Prayer to Saint Teresa of the Andes

Prayer to St Teresa of the Andes

St Teresa of the Andes, under Mary's care, you became a young woman in love with Jesus Christ. You are a model of holiness and a way of perfection for the Church.
You knew how to laugh, to love, to play and to serve. You were mighty in accepting sorrows and generous in your love.

You knew how to contemplate God in the simple things of life.

Show us the Father's love so that we might live joyfully in friendship and with gentleness in our family.

Help those who are weak and sad so that the Holy Spirit may awaken hope in them.

Intercede for us - and for the world - pleading for love and peace.

St Teresa of Los Andes, beloved daughter of the Church, religious sister of Carmel, friend of young and old, and servant of the poor, pray for us each day. Amen.

Prayer to Jesus

Lord Jesus, you chose St Teresa of Los Andes to show us the joy of knowing and loving you. She left us a message of love, self-sacrifice and humility. She now continues from heaven the work begun on earth, of interceding for family unity, for priestly and religious vocations, for those who are in sorrow and need, and for the conversion of inactive and lukewarm Catholics.
Lord, we thank you for St Teresa of Los Andes.

May she who proclaimed God is infinite joy be a model for young and old, and strengthen us in faith, hope and love. May she help to restore to the family of the faith those who have lost their way, especially those for whom we now pray.... Amen

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful prayer Ginny!

    Trust me the phones will be hot next week! I simply MUST read about this Saint!

    AMEN & AMEN!

    Peace of Christ to you ALL


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