Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Noël of Pious Souls

Do you see this dear infant
In this stable so poor?
He is Lord the Almighty,
All powerful, True,
All crowns must adore Him
For His Hands hold us all!
This Child, the God of Armies!
This dear infant, so tiny,
In silence, He speaks.
Everything in the stable
Reveals Who He is.
His poverty tells us
His Love is extreme.
All is summed up in this:
How much we are loved!
The poor ox and the ass
This stable and cloths
Are choristers chanting
The praises of God.
Love this good little King,"They tenderly sing.
Tender Jesus, your plan
I now see it so clear!
You are born in this stable
To find a home in my heart.
Then enter it now
And let your glory find rest!
To be conquered by this Child,
O victory sweet!
Saint Louis de Montfort


Peace of Christ.

Fundraiser for Cataract Surgery

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