Sunday, February 12, 2006

Come My Beloved

Come my beloved, come harken anew
Give ear to my pleading, my heart yearns for you
Come now, my beloved, I’ve called you by name
Formed you and shaped you to build me a home

Come now, my beloved, the hour draws high
The dark clouds are lifted, bright rays pierce your sky
No more shall the shadows of life dim your way
My Spirit will guide you and brighten each day

Come follow, beloved, the path I have traced
For you who are called to walk in my grace
Fear not, when the moments of dying appear
Unless you with me die, no fruit will you bear

So come my beloved, let love lead you on
Through suffering and death
Abba’s glory I won
So you too beloved, My glory will be
Surrender your weakness and live now in me

Fundraiser for Cataract Surgery

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