Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Open our eyes

God of goodness,
how many times
have we passed
through the door
of our homes
and missed
the hungers of you?
We find ourselves
laden with bread,
yet many
still cry for
mere crumbs.
What is wrong with our vision?
Why does it tunnel
down our paths
and capture
only the poor
of our choosing?
Why are we
so narrow
in defining needs?
Jesus sensed
what could not
be seen
and noticed needs
as in rhythm
with his every breath.
Teach us through him
to be attentive to our actions,
worthy of our words,
generous with our giving
so that another's thirst
may reach our own throats
and be satisfied by the cooling waters
of our compassion.

Fundraiser for Cataract Surgery

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