Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In Times of Grief

Prayer For The Fallen Coal Miners

Grief is a fact of life, dear friend,

That we all have to meet it times,

It's not easy to accept it,

But we must , though it seems a crime.

We can't see God in any place,

But I assure you he is there.

We hold just some of the pieces

Of life's puzzle , so persevere --

God holds all the missing pieces

And in time they will be placed

In your life's picture puzzle --

Then your sorrow will be erased .

Lean heavily upon our lord ,

For he is always very near ,

He's beside you in times of stress ,

And in times of grief and fear.

Just pray to him for acceptance

Of the vacuum death has caused ,

The we'll give you tolerance ,

he will pull you from the jaws .

Of sorrow that's too hard to bear ,

For he understands humanity .

He'll help you carry your despair

Until all souls will be set free .


My heart is very heavy, lord ,

My burden is too hard to bear,

Take my cross for a little while,

And tell me that you care.

Psalm 102:

Hear my prayer, the lord ;

Let my cry come to thee!

Do not hide thy face from me

In the day of my distress!

incline thy ear to me;

Answer me speedily on the day when I call !

Psalm 4:

When I call , answer me , O my good God,

You who relieve me when I am in distress;

Have pity on me, and hear my prayer!

May our Lord comfort the bereaved in their time of need.
Peace of Christ to ALL.
Our prayers are with the families and their community.
Steve, Emmy, Ginny, Marie

Fundraiser for Cataract Surgery

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