Friday, January 20, 2006

Make Of Me A Tilma

O Most Holy Lord, You can do all things. Make of me a tilma.

To show forth your love to the peoples of the New World. You caused the image of Your Merciful Mother to appear on the cloak of Juan Diego long ago. If this rough-hewn fabric could attract your attention and be useful in Your plan, surely a willing soul like mine can serve Your purpose as well.
Make of me a tilma.

Take from me all that would spoil or distort the work of Your hand. May Your Holy Spirit render me clean and ready to receive so great a gift. Impress upon me the image of Your pure and Holy Mother. May her countenance, her presence, her love be indelibly stamped upon me.
Make of me a tilma.

In this time when pagan culture threatens to engulf Your people once more and destroy human life, let there be a fresh miracle of grace. Send Your Mother for a new evangelization. Upon the coarse fabric of my life, draw this portrait so pleasing to You….The image of Mary….
May this beautiful Woman, clothed with the sun live out her triumph in me….
Crushing the serpent, radiating Your mercy and leading to faith all those who gaze upon her.
Yes , Lord, make of me a tilma.


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